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It’s Autism Sunday (Pity Party at Church)

by Kate Gladstone


It’s Autism Sunday, that one day a year
We welcome in fellowship “those folks” ’round here.
We pray to become more autistic-aware
On this one special Sunday: the rest, we don’t care.

We’ll pray for you all, you’re the cause of the week:
But please don’t imagine that you ought to speak.
We pray you, speak for you, we shall decide —
We steer the course, you’re along for the ride.

We’ll pray you get healthcare and all of that stuff:
We’ll pray once again — now, that should be enough.
Sure, come here next Sunday if help you still seek,
And we will inform you: “We prayed that last week!”

The service is ended, we rush to the door.
Till Autism Sunday next year, we’ll ignore
The folks that we pray for, this one day a year:
It’s Autism Sunday, we’re _so_ glad you’re here!

Author’s note: In the UK, many churches designate one Sunday in April as “Autism Sunday.”

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