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ACTION ALERT: It’s working – keep it up!

Your advocacy is working. After Senators’ offices began to receive a new wave of calls and protesters, the Senate has postponed their vote on the Affordable Care Act repeal bill. This is a good sign – Senators are worried about how this bill looks to the people they represent....

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ACTION ALERT: Here’s what YOU can do to stop the ACA repeal

Now is the time to act. Last week, ASAN stood with disabled protesters who staged a die-in in the nation’s capital, underscoring the message that if the Senate’s ACA repeal bill is passed, people will die as a direct result. If this bill passes, hundreds of billions of dollars...

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ACTION ALERT: Call like your life depends on it

The Senate is rushing their Affordable Care Act repeal bill to a vote  – and if it passes, disabled people in this country will lose health care in massive numbers. You may have already seen the images yesterday of disabled protesters being dragged out of their wheelchairs and arrested...

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ACTION ALERT: Tell the Senate we’re still watching!

The Senate is rushing their ACA repeal bill to a vote THIS MONTH. Some Senators claim that their version of the bill will be better than the version passed by the House – but they’re refusing to show it to us so we can judge for ourselves. The Senate...

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ASAN Praises Introduction of Raise the Wage Act

Today the Raise the Wage Act was introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives. This bill would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, require fair pay for tipped workers, and end the discriminatory practice of legally paying people with disabilities less than minimum wage....

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ACTION ALERT: Your Members of Congress are coming home – make sure they hear from you!

Right now, the Senate is in session in Washington, DC, working to take health care away from millions of Americans. But next week, your Members of Congress will be back in their home states and districts, holding town halls and office appointments with constituents. This is the perfect time...

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ASAN Statement On Presidential Budget

ASAN strongly condemns the deep cuts that the President’s proposed budget would make to Medicaid, Social Security, and other critical programs for people with disabilities. The President’s proposal would deprive countless Americans with disabilities of critical health care and community-based supports. It would jeopardize our very lives and result...

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Job Opening: Community Engagement Coordinator

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is looking for a full-time Community Engagement Coordinator. The Community Engagement Coordinator works closely with the ASAN Director of Operations and other staff to manage ASAN’s social media presence, build ASAN’s membership, engage and mobilize the self-advocate community, and relay information about ASAN’s work...

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#ProtectOurCare Postcard Center

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking you to get involved in our fight to defend health care. Your advocacy has been amazing – you’ve called your Members of Congress, attended town halls, and taken to social media to stand up for your right to access health care....

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