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It’s Autism Sunday (Pity Party at Church)

by Kate Gladstone   It’s Autism Sunday, that one day a year We welcome in fellowship “those folks” ’round here. We pray to become more autistic-aware On this one special Sunday: the rest, we don’t care. We’ll pray for you all, you’re the cause of the week: But please...

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ELSI Symposium Goes Live

Over $1 billion has been spent over the course of the last decade on autism research funding. During a time of constant budget cuts and increasing fiscal pressures on government, this is an astonishing sum. What have we purchased for this investment? How successful has the autism research agenda...

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Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month 2012!

Greetings and Happy April 2012! The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by posting essays in the blog section of our website throughout the month of April. It’s time to move beyond awareness! The essays — authored by Autistic self advocates, parents, and allies — touch...

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From the Pro-Neurodiversity Trenches

by Paula C. Durbin-Westby   Early intervention and treatment is important! If caught early enough, negative attitudes toward autism and other disabilities can be minimized and even reversed! Read more below to see what happens in our disability-rights oriented home. These comments were taken down by the mom of...

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Remarks on the Murder of George Hodgins

George Hodgins, an autistic adult living in Sunnyvale, CA, was murdered by his own mother. In the aftermath of his death, much of the public discussion surrounding his killing focused on expressing sympathy for his killer. ASAN Member Zoe Gross of Oakland, CA objected to this and helped organize...

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Loud Hands Project Update

We did it! After 80 days, several interviews, too many tumblr posts, an ambitious blog carnival, hundreds of shared facebook updates and tweets, thousands of emails to families, friends, coworkers, and arch-nemeses, and a constant, concerted effort by the Autistic community...

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Additional Internships Available with Freddie Mac

With our first round of internships underway, ASAN now seeks additional Autistic applicants to intern with Freddie Mac for the summer of 2012. We are very excited to see that our first interns are on their way with great support by their managers and human resources at Freddie Mac....

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