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If you are interested in joining a chapter, please refer to our directory of chapters posted below to find out if there is a chapter that meets in your area.

All ASAN chapters engage in advocacy work around the collective concept of self-advocacy, while also addressing individual forms of self-advocacy and building a community of Autistic adults in the local community.

Different chapters are formed under different conditions. Some may be formed by Autistics who are already part of an existing self-advocate run social group but wish to engage in advocacy activities as well. Others may be formed by Autistics who lack any social group in their local area, or who lack any self-advocate run groups.

The goal of advocacy is to help advance and protect the Autistic community’s interests in matters affecting us. Examples of advocacy/social change activities include:

  • Alliances with other organizations to promote policy or social change

  • Legislative testimonies

  • Letters to the Editor/Op-eds

  • Meetings with legislators

  • Protests

Social/support/Autistic culture activities are geared toward building a strong, vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, and helpful community among Autistics. These community-building activities include:

  • Autistic Pride Day events with a purely social component

  • Cooperative efforts around skills development in employment/education/etc.

  • Mentoring teenagers

  • Social activities (e.g. picnics, movie nights, or joining a function put on by the broader local disability community)

Do you have a strong grasp of disability rights, self-advocacy, and neurodiversity, and feel that you have time to lead a new ASAN chapter? Or do you have questions about our chapters? If so, write to to learn more.


ASAN Chapters in the United States


Los Angeles/UCLA
Chapter Leaders: Sarah Pripas

Chapter Leaders: Andy Voss and Zachary Miller

San Jose
Chapter Leader: Mark Romoser


Kansas City
Chapter Leader: Teigan Hockman


Greater Boston
Chapter Leader: Andrew De Carlo

New Jersey

Northern New Jersey
Chapter Leader: Rayn Kleipe-Green

New York

New York City
Chapter Leader: Jenny Dean and Jennifer Hughes,

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Chapter Leader: Yosef Treitman


Central Ohio/The Ohio State University
Chapter Leader: Justin Rooney


Chapter Leader: Andee Joyce


Chapter Leader: Luke Anderson

Rhode Island

Rhode Island
Chapter Leaders: Emily Titon and Andrew Collins


Dallas/Fort Worth
Chapter Leader: Andrea Parton


Chapter Leaders: Matt Young

International ASAN Affiliates


ASAN Australia
Chapter Leader: Katharine Annear

International Partner Organizations

London Autistic Rights Movement (LARM)
United Kingdom
Contact: Roderick Cobley

Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH)
Scotland/United Kingdom
Contact: Kabie Brook

The Autism Acceptance Project (TAAP)
Contact: Estée Klar

The Autistic Community of Israel (ACI)
Contact: Chen Gershuni

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