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ASAN Statement Applauding New Administration on Community Living

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network applauds Secretary Sebelius and the leadership of the Department of Health and Human Services for the creation of the new Administration on Community Living. By bringing together the HHS Office on Disability, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the Administration on Aging under one...

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Diversity at Work

Employers can realize a significant financial gain when they are willing to be flexible in managing a diverse population of workers. When an adjustment to the workplace environment makes an employee more productive, that equation includes not just the cost (if any) of the changes that are made, but...

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What’s An Accommodation?

An essay by Joel Smith. Often, autistic people are seen as needing “accommodation”. We need something “special” to function in society, something that is fundamentally different than the types of things non-disabled people need. But why is that? Too often, it’s a result of social expectation or presence of...

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