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Letter to the Sponsors, Donors and Supporters of Autism Speaks

Disability Coalition Calls on Sponsors to End Support for Autism Speaks: Over 60 disability rights organizations sent a joint letter to Autism Speaks' sponsors, stating that the use of fear, stigma, misinformation and prejudice against Autistic people as a fundraising tool does real damage to people with disabilities everywhere....

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New Scientist and Education Week Articles

ASAN President Ari Ne’eman and ASAN’s cross-disability campaign against Autism Speaks and its “I Am Autism” video were featured in articles that ran in New Scientist Magazine and on the Special Education Blog of Education Week. The New Scientist article was also syndicated in Australia by World News Australia of the Australian Special Broadcasting...

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Help Us Fight Back Against Autism Speaks’ Attempts to Speak For Us!

Protests Planned Against Autism Speaks: ASAN is preparing a joint letter from the disability community in response to the horrific statements in the "I am Autism" video. In addition, our activists and allies are organizing protests to confront Autism Speaks' fundraising efforts....

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