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ASAN Public Comment on DSM-5 ASD Criteria

Today is the last day to provide public comment to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) regarding the definition of ASD within the DSM-5, the manual used by physicians and many policymakers to define autism and other disability diagnoses. You can find information regarding how to comment on our website,...

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Making Disability Studies Accessible

by Ari Ne’eman Last week, Inside Higher Ed carried an intriguing piece from University of Maryland graduate student and New Inquiry editor Nathan Jurgenson. The article – Making Our Ideas More Accessible – made the case for academics to make their work available to the public through open access publications and...

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Bringing Neurodiversity into the Classroom

An essay by Stephanie Allen Crist. A little boy steps off the bus, confused by his unexpected surroundings. This year—the year he starts kindergarten—the bus stops at the backdoor of a new school, instead of the front entrance of his neighborhood school, after a much longer bus ride....

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My middle name

An essay by Melanie Yergeau. The map is new, and I know it all. I hop from one painted state to the next, reciting each capital, each state bird, each state nickname, each state flower, each state population as of 1989, the year imprinted on the spines of my...

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Disability Studies Article

ASAN President Ari Ne’eman and Columbia University Professor Alicia A. Broderick co-authored “Autism as metaphor: narrative and counter-narrative,” which was published in a special issue of The International Journal of Inclusive Education (Volume 12, Issue 5/6) devoted to Disability Studies in Education....

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