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Comments at November 21, 2008 IACC Meeting

Expanding Focus on Whole Individual: While NIMH and the IACC are obviously not first and foremost service-delivery organizations, the goal of all scientific research into any disabling conditions should ultimately be the application of that research to real-life situations in ways that directly benefit the subjects of that research....

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Joint Comment on the IACC Draft Strategic Plan 2008

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and several other disability rights organizations submitted a joint comment calling for the inclusion of autistic adults in all aspects of IACC’s decision-making process, research topic selection, research design and research implementation....

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IACC Services & Support Comments: Background & Talking Points

Input from Autistic Adults Needed: Public comments on autism services and support can help to shape the priorities of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) in allocating research funds. ASAN has prepared background information and talking points for those who wish to comment....

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Comments at May 12, 2008 IACC Meeting

Advantages of Community-Based Participatory Research: With community-based research, members of the community being studied are full participants at every stage of the research process. Funding should be allocated to research that will have practical applications for autistic people and our families....

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Comments at November 30, 2007 IACC Meeting

IACC Urged to Pursue New Direction: We live in a society where the lives and opinions of individuals with disabilities are viewed as less valuable and less deserving of basic human respect than those of other citizens. The IACC must break with that mindset and we encourage the Committee...

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