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Autistic Adult Community Condemns PBS NewsHour for Ignorant Remarks

PBS NewsHour’s program about autism dismisses adults' needs: In addressing why the Autistic community was not invited to participate, Robert MacNeil claimed that issues facing Autistic adults were not “an urgent issue” and not important enough to merit coverage. ASAN has issued a press release condemning his ignorant statements....

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PETA Billboard Removed

Exploitative and Misleading Billboard Withdrawn: A billboard created by PETA misinformed the public about the autism spectrum by falsely implying that milk consumption was the cause of autism. Our community came together to communicate the need for a swift withdrawal of this ill-informed piece of advertising....

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Ignorance about Autism Discussed

ASAN’s Ari Ne’eman and Scott Michael Robertson discussed public ignorance about autism on “Meet the Peetes” on the Oprah & Friends channel (XM-156) on XM Satellite Radio on Aug. 4, 2008, prior to Mr. Robertson’s presentation of a research seminar on college transition for autistic students at the National Autism Conference...

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