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Autistics Speaking Day 2012: Reclaiming Voice

by Ari Ne’eman Holidays are funny things – they come around once a year, and remind us of feelings and ideas that we shouldn’t have ever let ourselves forget. Whether it’s Thanksgiving gratitude or July 4th patriotism, we turn to holidays not because the day itself matters, but because...

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Save the Date! ASAN’s Annual Gala

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Annual Gala! Wednesday, November 14, 2012 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Join us for a special celebration and fundraising event at The National Press Club in Washington, DC Dinner and dessert will be served and a reception will precede dinner. Keynote speaker: Kathy Greenlee...

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Autism: From Awareness to Understanding to Acceptance and Appreciation

by Rebecca Hamilton Over the years, we’ve made some progress where Autism Awareness is concerned. Many have seen advertisements and articles and news-clippings, they’ve heard the word, they know autism exists. I think we’ve hit a plateau, however, in that awareness is not enough. Firstly, being aware of autism...

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Autism, Being Autistic and Acceptance

by Amy Sequenzia What is our place in the world? Who are we? Those questions should be easy to answer. Yet, they are not. For a long time, and still today, the answer to the “who are we” question was not directed at us. Non-autistic people defined autism and...

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We need to listen

by Liz Pellicano   When I was a young academic at Oxford University, I was lucky enough to work with several autistic students, helping them to negotiate the complexities of that ancient institution and of college life more generally. Every one of them touched my life – and influenced...

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Welcome to the Rest of International Autism Acceptance Year!

by Paula Durbin-Westby Time marches on! Welcome to the rest of International Autism Acceptance Year! International Autism Acceptance Year (IAAY) is a continuation of the remarkable success of Autism Acceptance Day and Month, started in 2011 and currently in its second year. Autism Acceptance Day was started within the...

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From One Ally to the Education Community: A New View of Students with Autism

Cheryl M. Jorgensen, Ph.D., Inclusive Education Consultant Affiliate Faculty, Department of Education, University of New Hampshire Note: A shorter version of this article originally appeared in the Winter/Spring 2011 “Rap Sheet” published by the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire and is reprinted with permission. “He’s...

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