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Autistic Self Advocates and Allies Campaign for Electric Shock Ban

by Shain Neumeier   Wednesday, June 20, Autistic self-advocates Kevin Barrett and Shain Neumeier went to the Massachusetts State House with fellow aversives opponents Cheryl McCollins and Gregory Miller in order to convey ASAN’s support for Massachusetts Senate Budget Amendment #548, which would impose a statewide ban on the...

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ASAN Public Comment on DSM-5 ASD Criteria

Today is the last day to provide public comment to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) regarding the definition of ASD within the DSM-5, the manual used by physicians and many policymakers to define autism and other disability diagnoses. You can find information regarding how to comment on our website,...

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Making Disability Studies Accessible

by Ari Ne’eman Last week, Inside Higher Ed carried an intriguing piece from University of Maryland graduate student and New Inquiry editor Nathan Jurgenson. The article – Making Our Ideas More Accessible – made the case for academics to make their work available to the public through open access publications and...

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ASAN Statement on the Exclusion of Tyler Long’s Autism Spectrum Diagnosis from the Documentary Bully

Over the course of the last several years, growing public attention to issues of bullying – driven in part by the tragic suicides of a number of students subject to bullying and harassment in schools – have helped to drive greater focus by policymakers, educators and the public to...

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Disability Community Across the Country Mourns Disabled People Murdered by Family Members and Caregivers

On March 30th, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, working with the broader disability community, convened a nationwide Day of Mourning in memory disabled people murdered by family members and caregivers. Eighteen cities participated by holding candlelit vigils in locations across the country. Over the course of the past week, the...

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Vigil Report: Virtual Vigil and Boston

From Disability Right Now by Erin Lewy I was fortunate enough to attend vigils for George Hodgins both virtually and in Boston.  Each left a lasting impression on me.  At the virtual vigil, we were lucky enough to have a video connection to DC.  While we weren’t able to...

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Jewish Federations of North America Seek to Amend Combating Autism Act

Congress Urged to Amend Autism Legislation: The Jewish Federations of North America, along with ASAN, seek amendments to the Combating Autism Act to ensure the involvement of self-advocates and to fund more research on services and the needs of adults. The JFNA Action Alert contains information on how to...

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ASAN Announces Opposition to Menendez-Enzi-Brown Autism Legislation

Press Release Opposing Autism Legislation: ASAN has issued a press release stating that an extension of the Combating Autism Act would lock in place an unacceptable status quo without services, without consideration of the needs of adults and without inclusion of self-advocates. We oppose extending the act without needed...

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