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ASAN Statement Applauding New Administration on Community Living

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network applauds Secretary Sebelius and the leadership of the Department of Health and Human Services for the creation of the new Administration on Community Living. By bringing together the HHS Office on Disability, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and the Administration on Aging under one...

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95 Disability Rights Groups Call on CMS to Issue HCBS Regulations

Regulations are needed to ensure that Home and Community Based Services are not delivered on the grounds of an institution, in a housing complex designed expressly around an individual’s diagnosis or disability, or in a setting that has the characteristics of an institution....

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ACTION ALERT: What Does Community Mean To You? Let Medicaid Know!

Public Comments Needed on Home and Community Based Services. Proposed rules will ensure that Medicaid community living funds go toward keeping people in the community and not in institutions. Your comments will help make this happen....

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Jewish Federations of North America Seek to Amend Combating Autism Act

Congress Urged to Amend Autism Legislation: The Jewish Federations of North America, along with ASAN, seek amendments to the Combating Autism Act to ensure the involvement of self-advocates and to fund more research on services and the needs of adults. The JFNA Action Alert contains information on how to...

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ASAN Announces Opposition to Menendez-Enzi-Brown Autism Legislation

Press Release Opposing Autism Legislation: ASAN has issued a press release stating that an extension of the Combating Autism Act would lock in place an unacceptable status quo without services, without consideration of the needs of adults and without inclusion of self-advocates. We oppose extending the act without needed...

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ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress “No” to Three More Years of the Same On Autism Policy

ACTION ALERT: Stop Extension of Flawed Autism Policy. Congress is considering legislation to extend the Combating Autism Act, which fails to provide for services and was passed without the involvement of self-advocates, for three more years. Contact your Senators today to oppose re-authorization without needed changes!...

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Joint Report Issued on Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Standards

New Report on Home and Community Based Services Funding: Community living is the topic of a new report by ASAN and two other leading self-advocacy organizations, Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE), and the National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN). The report is intended to guide the Centers for Medicare and...

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Joint Letter to Secretary Sebelius on the Community Choice Act

Long Term Services and Supports Advocated: ASAN and several other disability rights organizations have sent a joint letter to Secretary Sebelius urging that the Community Choice Act, which would eliminate the institutional bias in Medicaid and enable people with disabilities to live in the community, be included in health...

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