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Tell Tony Attwood to End the Hate: Autistic People Deserve Equality in Family Law and Relationships

Petition Against Hate Groups: ASAN has prepared a petition calling on Dr. Tony Attwood and Dr. Isabelle Hénault to disassociate themselves from hate groups promoting stereotypes and libels that seek to encourage discrimination against Autistic people in family law and relationships....

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Successful Response to Ransom Notes

Both the Washington Post and the New York Daily News carried stories about the success of the disability community’s response to the “Ransom Notes” ad campaign, in which ASAN’s Ari Ne’eman was quoted. The Wall Street Journal Online and The New York Times also carried stories of the ad removal. Ari Ne’eman appeared on NYC radio...

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An Urgent Call to Action: Tell NYU Child Study Center to Abandon Stereotypes Against People With Disabilities

Urgent Action Required: The NYU Ransom Notes campaign defames people on the autism spectrum and others of neurological difference. Take action now!...

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