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Navigating College: A resource for Autistic college students

The Navigating College handbook is a first-of-its-kind resource written by autistic adults for autistic college students exploring the various aspects of the higher education experience. From traditional topics like classroom accommodations and dorm life to hot-button issues such as disclosure and sexuality, Navigating College provides first-person insights from current and past college students on the autism spectrum. Unlike many other resources written by parents or professionals, Navigating College is designed to be uniquely accessible and relevant to autistic people ourselves, utilizing the insight and perspectives that comes from experience. Whether you’re a student on the autism spectrum yourself, a parent or family member looking to purchase a copy for an autistic relative or an educator or disabilities services professional, we hope you enjoy and make good use of this valuable resource.

We are happy to announce that, along with Navigating College, we are also launching a dedicated website on autism and college issues: This site will not only serve as our launch pad for the handbook, but as an ongoing resource for college students on the spectrum, family members, disability services professionals and others. Through regular blog posts from autistic college students detailing first-hand experiences, will offer original content that will extend and elaborate upon our handbook. In addition, many of our upcoming projects dealing with Autism and College will be featured on the site going forward. You can download an electronic copy of our handbook free of charge by going to

To order print copies, please visit the University of New Hampshire’s IOD Bookstore, or for more information or questions about bulk orders, please contact Melody Latimer at As well, you can download an electronic copy of our Navigating College flyer.

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