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ASAN Expresses Deep Concern over Scarborough Remarks Suggesting Aurora Shooter on the Autism Spectrum

National Autistic Advocacy Organization Urges MSNBC Host to retract unfounded comments

Washington, DC – July 23, 2012 – The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, the leading national advocacy organization run by and for adults on the autism spectrum, issued a statement today expressing concern and disappointment regarding comments by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough suggesting that the shooter responsible for the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado was on the autism spectrum. ASAN’s comment can be found below:

“Mr. Scarborough’s remarks suggesting that James Holmes, the shooter behind the Aurora movie theater killings,¬†was an Autistic American are as perplexing as they are without evidence. No information on Mr. Holmes has suggested that he displays the diagnostic characteristics of autism and no evidence exists tying autism with violent behavior or threats to public safety. As a parent, Mr. Scarborough should know better than to perpetrate these types of unfortunate stereotypes. Autistic Americans are an integral part of our society and live, work and attend school alongside our non-Autistic peers. There exists no evidence linking autism with violent behavior. By spreading ill-founded and unsupported claims linking autism with violence, Mr. Scarborough does our community real harm. We urge him to reconsider and for him and MSNBC to retract his remarks.”

Melody Latimer
Director of Community Engagement
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Phone: (202) 630-7477

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