ASAN Policy Brief: What Impact will the Affordable Care Act have on People with I/DD?

Four people wearing blue medical scrubs and face masks performing surgery
As we grow closer and closer to the full implementation of the landmark health insurance law, many in the disability community are unfamiliar with how the Affordable Care Act will impact them. In addition, advocates looking to monitor and enhance implementation of the ACA for people with disabilities are frequently left without a clear and comprehensive description of opportunities and challenges yet to come under the ACA.
Thanks to the generous support of the WITH Foundation, ASAN has produced a new policy brief that aims to address these issues. EntitledĀ The Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community: An Overview of the Law and Advocacy Priorities Going Forward, this brief provides a summary of relevant provisions of the ACA and analyzes opportunities for advocates to enhance the impact of the law’s implementation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Download a copy here and let us know what you think by e-mailingĀ Feel free to share with your friends.