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Communications Coordinator

This position has been filled.

The ASAN Communications Coordinator is the staff person in charge of overseeing all of ASAN’s communications. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for helping ASAN communicate and interface with the public in an effective & consistent manner, as well as for the creation of resources for ASAN’s constituents such as fact sheets, self-advocacy tools, email blasts, and more. The Communications Coordinator runs the ASAN communications team, edits materials for readability, tone, and content, prepares email blasts, creates ASAN’s monthly newsletter, and handles information & referral duties for ASAN.

The Communications Coordinator works directly under ASAN’s Director of Programs, Julia Bascom. This is a paid, half-time position.

Time Commitment: this is a part-time position, approximately 4 hours/day, 5 days/week.


  • Coordinate the ASAN Communications team

    • Liaise with ASAN staff on communications priorities

    • Lead weekly team meetings

    • Send reminder & follow-up emails for each team meeting

    • Answer questions on assignments, etc. periodically throughout the week

    • Develop & distribute weekly assignments

    • Edit assignments

    • Push edited assignments out through proper channels

    • Liaise with ASAN graphic design volunteers

  • Prepare email blasts

  • Publish monthly newsletter

  • Respond to information & referral requests on behalf of ASAN


Skills required:

  • Proficiency with

    • Wordpress

    • Google Drive

    • Microsoft Word

  • Familiarity with autism, the neurodiversity, disability rights, and self-advocacy movements, and common political issues in the developmental disabilities world (e.g., community integration, and inclusion)

  • Strong written & electronic communication skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Self starter; able to work independently

This position has been filled.


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