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ASAN Statement On The ABLE Act

In response to the passage of the ABLE Act through the House of Representatives on December 3rd, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network issued the following statement:

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network applauds the passage of the ABLE Act through the House of Representatives and urges swift Senate passage. ABLE represents a critical first – though by no means final – step towards building a path into the middle class for people with disabilities. By allowing disabled workers to save money in accounts exempt from the Supplemental Seceurity Income program’s draconian asset cap, Congress would enable greater opportunities for economic advancement by people with disabilities.

It is worth noting that the passage of ABLE, should it occur, will take place in the backdrop of an expected conversation on reform of the Social Security Disability Insurance program in the next Congress. People with disabilities should not be forced to choose between accessing the support we need and participating in the workforce. ASAN believes that this principle should govern congressional conversations on SSDI reform and hopes that the passage of the ABLE Act will set the tone for that discussion. We applaud our Congressional champions for their work in securing the passage of ABLE through the House and look forward to its final passage through the Senate and into law.

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