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ACTION ALERT: Here’s what YOU can do to stop the ACA repeal

Now is the time to act. Last week, ASAN stood with disabled protesters who staged a die-in in the nation’s capital, underscoring the message that if the Senate’s ACA repeal bill is passed, people will die as a direct result. If this bill passes, hundreds of billions of dollars will be gutted from Medicaid to give millionaires tax cuts, and at least 22 million Americans will lose their insurance – with disabled people being hit the hardest. Actions are being organized across the nation to stop this devastating bill from becoming law. Right now, we need you to stand up for our right to health care however you can.

Participate in a protest event in your state.

Join in our Virtual Phone Bank TOMORROW.

ASAN is organizing a virtual phone bank TOMORROW, June 27th, from 12-7pm Eastern Time. It’s crucial that people keep calling their Senators and demanding they protect our health care and save our lives – but we know that it’s not always easy. We’ll provide you a script that you can use to call your Senators, answer your questions and provide you support, and celebrate with you when you complete your calls. We’ll have a thread where those who can’t call can try to find someone who can call on their behalf. Join us and make your voice heard!

The Senate is desperate to pass the bill this week – before they have to come home this weekend and face their constituents. That’s why we have to take the fight to them. Whether you attend a local action or pair up with somebody during tomorrow’s virtual phone bank, we need your voice. Now is the time to act.

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