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Dear friends,

The Senate plans to vote THIS WEEK to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The vote could come as early as TOMORROW – even though we still don’t know which of the recently proposed bills they’ll be voting on. But we do know that all of these bills would be devastating to people with disabilities – and anyone else who hopes to access health care in the coming years.

This chaos and uncertainty is part of their plan. They’ve seen that when we speak out strongly, their backroom deals fall apart. Their only hope is that we become tired and confused and give up. We can’t let that happen.

What stands in the way of the Senate passing this bill? YOU.

We have to keep calling. You can find your Senators’ contact information by entering your ZIP code at If you find it easier to leave an answering machine message than to talk to a staffer on the phone, you can call after work hours, and your message will still be counted. If you don’t speak, you can call using your AAC device, or get a friend to call in and read your message. No matter how you do it, your call is critical right now. Here’s a script you can use:

Script for calling your Senator
My name is [your full name]. I’m a constituent of Senator [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act. If this bill is passed, millions of Americans will lose health insurance. This bill takes away protections that patients depend on, and it will return us to the bad old days when people with disabilities like [me/ my family member/ my friends] were uninsurable. We can’t go back. Please vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act. It’s time for Congress to scrap repeal, leave Medicaid alone, and work together to improve the ACA. We’re counting on you to do the right thing.

A bill that puts millions of Americans’ health care — and lives — at risk is not a replacement for the ACA. It’s time for Congress to scrap this bill, and work together on a meaningful, bipartisan basis to improve the Affordable Care Act and make health care better for all of us. They work for us – but they need constant reminders. With your help, we can remind them how much this bill would hurt all of us, and make sure they do the right thing.

Let’s go.


Julia Bascom
Executive Director
Autistic Self Advocacy Network

P.S. – Need help understanding what the ACA repeal does? You can read about how it would change the ACA and Medicaid in our plain-language toolkits.

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