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ACTION ALERT: Your voice can save health care!

Yesterday, we saw the latest text of the Senate’s ACA repeal bill. Just as we suspected, the Senate spent their 4th of July recess cutting deals and making trades to sway more Senators towards voting yes. But the new bill is just as devastating for the millions of Americans whose health care is at stake in the Senate’s political gambling.

The Senate thinks their negotiations have finally secured them the numbers they need to pass the bill — as long as they put it to a vote before any of the Senators have a chance to hear from their constituents. Fortunately for us, they won’t be back to work until Monday – but their answering machines aren’t going anywhere. We have to use this weekend to make sure that every one of our Senators gets the message – and gets it from all of us.

You can find your Senators’ contact information by entering your ZIP code at If you don’t speak, you can call using your AAC device, or get a friend to call in and read your message. When you call their offices to leave a message, you can use this script:

Script for calling your Senator
My name is [your full name]. I’m a constituent of Senator [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act. I know some Senators are saying this new version of the bill is better, but the people of [your state] aren’t fooled. We know that we will lose just as much if it passes. Without the protections of the ACA, and without Medicaid funding, disabled people in our state will lose access to lifesaving health care and be forced into institutions. People with disabilities like [me/ my family member/ my friends] are not disposable, and our Medicaid is not your trust fund. Please vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act. We’re counting on you to do the right thing for the people of [your state] and keep us alive.

After you’ve called, you can make your voice go farther by participating in the Arc’s emergency Medicaid Matters to Me Letter Writing Campaign. If you or a loved one rely on Medicaid or a waiver for health insurance or other disability services, take a moment to write a letter to your Senator explaining why Medicaid matters to you, and email it to Make sure to include your state in the subject line, and send the email by midnight on Sunday. The Arc will print your letters and hand deliver to them to your Senators on Monday!

The future of healthcare in America will either be decided by the hushed whispers of politicians or by the resounding outcry of our collective voices. In a democracy, we’re the ones who will make that choice. Call your Senators this weekend – every voice counts!

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