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ACTION ALERT: We won’t go back – call your Senators NOW!

Our community made history on Friday when Liz Weintraub became the first person with an intellectual disability to testify at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate. As a policy expert and leader in the self-advocacy movement, Liz testified about what our community stands to lose if Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, including our right to make our own decisions and live in our communities.

Our country is founded on liberty and justice for all—and all means all. I worry about a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t believe that we, as people with intellectual disabilities, can make decisions for ourselves. If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, I am afraid that my right to make decisions for myself will be taken away.

Liz sounded the alarmnow it’s OUR job to make the Senate listen to what our community has to say. Call your Senators, and tell them to vote NO on Kavanaugh! You can use our script while calling:

Script for calling your Senator
My name is  [your full name] I’m a constituent of  Senator [Name] , and I live in  [your town] . I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote NOT to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh would undermine the Affordable Care Act, and he is a danger to the rights of people with disabilities. In 2007, he ruled that people with intellectual disabilities don’t have a right to a say in our health care. He sided with the DC government, which had forced people to have abortions they didn’t want. People with disabilities like  [me/ my family member/ my friends]  have a right to health care, and we have a right to make our own choices about what happens to our bodies. Please keep this dangerous man off the Supreme Court.

If you have trouble making phone calls or use AAC, our factsheet gives you strategies you can use to call your Senators. If you want more information about Judge Kavanaugh, including a plain language explainer, check out this resource page.

After you’ve called, there is more you can do to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court:

  • Visit your Senators’ state offices, and let their staff know how Kavanaugh’s confirmation would affect our community. This kind of face-to-face meeting really makes a difference. You can find lists of your Senators’ state offices on their websites.
  • Email or fax your Senators. You can use the same script you did while calling.
  • THIS FRIDAY, join a national disability community call in day to #StopKavanaugh, and share it on social media! Once you’ve called, you can help others on the page make calls.

For decades, our community has fought for the right to control our own lives. Now, the Senate is rushing to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, even though his beliefs threaten to turn back the clock on the rights we fought so hard for. We can’t go back. Call your Senators today, and let them know: when it comes to our rights, there can be Nothing About Us, Without Us!

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