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Are you registered to vote?

TODAY is the last day to register to vote in many states, and many more close THIS WEEK. You may still have time — check out to find out how to get registered. If you need help getting a Voter ID due to new regulations, check out VoteRiders.

People with disabilities have fought for generations to make our voices heard. We protest, we meet with elected officials, we run for office, and we vote. Voting is a powerful tool that the disability community can use to shape policies that affect our lives — but like all tools, it only works if we use it. 1 in 4 people in the United States have a disability, so this year, let’s use the power of the disability vote to make our voices heard.

Nothing about us without us means that we will be heard everywhere — including at the ballot box. When it comes to our voice in government, we refuse to let other people make our choices for us.

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