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Dear friends,

As a person who was diagnosed as autistic over thirty years ago prior to entering the foster care system, I have personally experienced the frustration of attempting to navigate numerous systems that were designed to “treat” me without ever listening to me. My story isn’t unique — and it’s because of the unmet needs of our community that the Autistic Self Advocacy Network was formed thirteen years ago. Since its founding, ASAN has worked tirelessly to ensure that autistic people are centered in all conversations that affect our lives. 

Thanks to generous donors and supporters, ASAN has been front and center in some of the most important struggles for disability rights of the last decade. We have fought to preserve the ACA and Medicaid, end the use of restraint and seclusion, ensure all people with disabilities get the supports we need to live self-determined lives in our communities, and so much more. Because all fights for justice are interconnected, ASAN has worked in coalition with other marginalized communities to take a stand against the school-to-prison pipeline, ensure everyone has access to gender-affirming health care, and oppose the discriminatory public charge rule. I believe that the autistic community — and all who live in the U.S. — are better off because of ASAN’s work. Thank you for making that work possible.

I’m writing today to ask you to participate in ASAN’s Year-End Campaign. Please consider joining in the work by donatingsetting up a recurring donation, or hosting an end-of-year Facebook fundraiser. Together, we can ensure that the self-advocates of ASAN are able to keep making change for years to come.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Reyma McCoy McDeid
Autistic Self Advocacy Network Board of Trustees

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