Action Alert: Congress has the power to #StopTheShock

a person holding a sign that says Stop the Shocks

Last year, the FDA’s ban on electric shock torture was overturned on a technicality. Our community remains outraged on behalf of the many disabled people who continue to experience daily abuse at the hands of the Judge Rotenberg Center. But our fight is not over, and we are not giving up.

There is a new opportunity for Congress to #StopTheShock through FDA-related bills. The House passed their version of the bill, and now it’s time for the Senate to act. Since the last time we emailed you, the Senate HELP Committee has added an amendment to the FDASLA Act which bans the use of electric shocks as a method of behavioral control. The amended bill has now passed the committee with bipartisan support, which means we’re one big step closer to stopping the shock! Let’s carry this momentum as the bill goes to the full Senate, and keep up our calls!

Call your two Senators. Ask them to pass their version of the bill, the FDA Safety and Landmark Advancements Act, with the amendment banning electric shocks for behavior modification included.

You can use our script:

Call-in Script

My name is  [your full name] , and I am from [your city]. I am a constituent of Senator [NAME] . I’m calling to ask Senator [NAME] to vote to pass the FDASLA Act with the language included which bans the use of electric shock for behavior modification. Only one institution in the country still uses electric shocks this way, and the UN found the practice to be torture in 2013. The FDA banned this use of electric shocks in 2020, but the DC Circuit Court overturned the ban on a technicality. The Senate has the power to stop electric shock torture through the FDASLA Act which now includes a proposed ban. Can I count on the Senator to vote yes on the current FDASLA?

Once you’ve called your Senators, keep up the pressure! You can also email or tweet at your Senators and let them know we expect them to #StopTheShock. 

Want to make a call, but unable to speak on a phone call due to a disability? Our Proxy Calling system is open! Want to help someone else make a call? Consider signing up to be a proxy caller. Have call anxiety, or wondering what to expect from a call to your elected officials? Check out this guide to making a call to your members of Congress.

We know we can count on your advocacy when it matters the most. All disabled people deserve to live free from torture and abuse — and with every call, you bring us closer to making that a reality.