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Navigating College Update

by Elesia Ashkenazy Greetings and salutations ASAN blog readers! One of our favorite projects so far, Navigating College, is coming up on its second year! Thanks to you, and to countless others, it has been well received in the community. Now is a good time to toot the Navigating...

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Career Options

by Meg Evans Young people entering the workforce often have to sort through a lot of career suggestions. Autistics and others with developmental disabilities may be advised to start a small business, on the assumption that it would be easier than finding a conventional job. Rather than commit to...

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Autism: From Awareness to Understanding to Acceptance and Appreciation

by Rebecca Hamilton Over the years, we’ve made some progress where Autism Awareness is concerned. Many have seen advertisements and articles and news-clippings, they’ve heard the word, they know autism exists. I think we’ve hit a plateau, however, in that awareness is not enough. Firstly, being aware of autism...

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Inclusion and Social Change

by Meg Evans It’s June again—that time of year when we wake early to birdsong and a bright sunrise, our days are long and pleasant, and summer camps are getting underway for school-age children. For parents who have an autistic child, a major consideration in choosing a camp is...

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ASAN Talking Points on DSM-5

The final public commenting period is now open for the upcoming fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which provides the diagnostic criteria for many conditions, including developmental disabilities. The proposed changes include a revised definition of autism that will combine several existing diagnostic categories...

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