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Day of Action to #StopTheShock

The Day of Action to #StopTheShock was held on April 24th, 2019, the five-year anniversary of an FDA hearing that found the use of GED shocks at the Judge Rotenberg Center ineffective and harmful. The action included people from all over the US working together to show the FDA...

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Remarks from Victoria M. Rodríguez-Roldán at Disability Day of Mourning 2019

Human life has a strange nature to it – when we think of those in our community who were taken from us, we acknowledge its tragedy. But often times we fail to internalize it. Anyone who’s been a parent, or for that matter, anyone who’s had conflicts with their...

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Remarks from Zoe Gross at Disability Day of Mourning 2019

A study came out back in December that got some press this week. The headlines were something like “Autistic children are more likely to be abused.” This isn’t new information – if you work in the field of disability, you should know that disabled people are disproportionately likely to...

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ASAN Gala 2018

This year’s gala was full of excitement, and lots of great speeches. If you’d like to catch up, you can watch videos or read transcripts of the attendee’s remarks below. Liz Weintraub Video and Transcript: Julia Bascom Video and Transcript: Awards Ceremony Video: DJ Savarese’s speech:

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Liz Weintraub’s Speech for ASAN Gala 2018

Hello, my name is Liz Weintraub. Isn’t ASAN doing an awesome job? Congratulations on being around for 12 years. Before I begin my remarks, let me add my congratulations to all of tonight’s award winners. When Julia and Zoe asked me to talk about leadership, I thought about how...

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DJ Savarese’s Speech for ASAN Gala 2018

Thank you for this award. I’m grateful to be among us tonight.  I’m grateful we are gathered here tonight to celebrate our people. It’s not often that so many of us are able to gather together in the same room to celebrate our neurodiversity, but when we do there’s...

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