Save vital health care services in DC!

DC’s Department on Disability Services plans to abruptly cancel a contract with Georgetown University which provides people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) with lifesaving health services. Too often, people with I/DD are allowed to fall through the cracks of the health care system — ignored or misunderstood by medical professionals, denied the services we need to understand and take charge of our care, or lost in the shuffle when systems and providers fail to coordinate. For 14 years, Georgetown’s Health Initiative has provided patient advocacy, health education, home visits, nursing care, and more to ensure that people with I/DD get the care we need. DDS’ piecemeal, incomplete substitute for this highly valued program was hastily developed with no stakeholder input whatsoever. If we don’t act now, DDS’ cuts will leave people without Georgetown’s services in six weeks.

If you are a DC resident, you have the power to speak up and save this vital program! Here’s how:

  • Attend a hearing on Tuesday, July 23rd at 10am. The DC Council is using this hearing to gauge public response to the cuts — show up to express your support for the Georgetown Health Initiative!
Script for calling/emailing
My name is [your full name], and I am a DC resident. I’m [calling/writing] to ask [my councilmember/ Mayor Bowser] to direct the Department on Disability Services to reinstate the Georgetown Health Initiative contract. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our city depend on these vital services to access health care and live in the community. DDS plans to abruptly end this program and replace it with an incomplete, piecemeal substitute that was developed without stakeholder input. This irresponsible plan puts DC residents with disabilities in a dangerous position. At the very least, the contract needs to be reinstated for one year. This would give DDS time to make a real plan to replace the Health Initiative services, and allow the people who depend on those services to plan for a transition. I’m counting on the [councilmember/Mayor] to take a stand for people with disabilities in DC. Will you work to extend the contract?
  • Use social media to make your voice heard, get your friends involved, and keep up the pressure on the DC government. Check out our sample tweets:
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DC Council contact info

  • Chairman Phil Mendelson, At-Large: @ChmnMendelson ,, (202) 724-8032
  • Councilmember Brianne Nadeau, Ward 1: @BrianneKNadeau,, (202) 724-8181 [Nadeau chairs the Committee on Human Services, which has direct oversight over DDS!]
  • Councilmember Jack Evans, Ward 2: @JackEvansWard2,, (202) 724-8058
  • Councilmember Mary Cheh, Ward 3: @marycheh,, (202) 724-8062
  • Councilmember Brandon Todd, Ward 4: @CMBrandonTodd,, (202) 724-8052
  • Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5: @CM_McDuffie,, (202) 724-8028
  • Councilmember Charles Allen, Ward 6: @charlesallen,, (202)-724-8072
  • Councilmember Vince Gray, Ward 7: @VinceGrayWard7,, (202) 724-8068
  • Councilmember Trayon White, Ward 8: @trayonwhite,, (202) 724-8045
  • Councilmember Anita Bonds, At-Large: @AnitaBondsDC,; (202) 724-8064
  • Councilmember David Grosso, At-Large: @cmdgrosso,, (202) 724-8105
  • Councilmember Elissa Silverman, At-Large : @tweetelissa,, (202)-724-7772
  • Councilmember Robert White, At-Large: @RobertWhite_DC,, (202) 724-8174
  • @Councilofdc – for the DC Council as a whole

Executive and AG contact info

  • Mayor Bowser, @MayorBowser, and, (202) 727-2643
  • Andrew Reese, Director Of DDS, @DirectorReese, @DDS_DC,, (202) 730-1700
  • AG Karl Racine, @AGKarlRacine,, , (202) 727-3400