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Action Alert: Tell your Senators to support emergency funding for HCBS!

UPDATE: Call-ins are temporarily cancelled and will resume shortly. Coping with a global pandemic is hard enough without losing access to the services that keep us independent and in the community. Some of our community members are facing dangerous losses to their home- and community-based services. These are vital...

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? Join the National Call-In Day for Permanent MFP Reauthorization! ?

More people with disabilities are living in our communities than ever before – but many people who want access to their communities remain trapped in institutions. Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a federally funded program that has helped over 91,000 people with disabilities move out of institutions and...

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ACTION ALERT: National Call-In Day for #ABLEAgeNow

For the past 5 years, ABLE accounts have helped people with disabilities across the country save money without jeopardizing access to Medicaid home and community-based services and other federal supports they need to live in their communities. Unfortunately, millions of people with disabilities aren’t eligible for ABLE accounts because...

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How are YOU taking action this TCEA Tuesday? ✊

When she was young, Laura worked in a sheltered workshop. She was paid eight cents an hour doing contract work. Nicki faced discrimination at work. She was told that asking for accommodations that would let her work with everyone else were “a waste of taxpayer money”. They both now...

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This August recess, let your members of Congress know it’s time to #WorkWithUs

August is a Congressional recess, a time when our elected officials head home to meet with constituents. This is a great time to personally reach out to your members of Congress and advocate on issues that matter to you. This month, you can #WorkWithUs to end subminimum wage by talking...

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ACTION ALERT: We have until June 21st to speak up for equal pay

UPDATE: The comment period has been extended to June 21st! We now have more time to combat the subminimum wage. Read the action alert below for more details on how to do so. For the next two weeks, we have an opportunity to fight back against subminimum wage. The...

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URGENT: Time is running out to #StopKavanaugh

We are being told that the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh has concluded—but the FBI has not even talked to all of the survivors who have come forward. Still, the Senate is moving forward, using this sham investigation as cover for a confirmation vote that could come as early...

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ACTION ALERT: Kavanaugh is closer to confirmation – WE NEED YOUR VOICE NOW

Yesterday was a difficult day for many of us, as we heard Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s painful, honest testimony and then saw members of the Senate Judiciary Committee publicly dismiss and belittle what she had to say. Today, the Judiciary Committee voted to continue the confirmation process for Judge...

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ACTION ALERT: Enough is enough – tell your Senators to #StopKavanaugh

From the start, the Kavanaugh nomination was a threat to people with disabilities — to our inclusion, our health care, and our civil rights. Now, multiple women came forward saying that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them. We should be able to trust our Supreme Court Justices to defend the rights...

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