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Autism Acceptance Month Essay

by Carol Quirk I once thought autism meant a lot of inabilities: cannot talk, cannot switch topics, cannot give eye contact, cannot handle transitions or new routines, cannot read social cues, cannot control motor movements, etc. And I once thought some of the can-dos were not necessarily “adaptive” (as...

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It’s Autism Sunday (Pity Party at Church)

by Kate Gladstone   It’s Autism Sunday, that one day a year We welcome in fellowship “those folks” ’round here. We pray to become more autistic-aware On this one special Sunday: the rest, we don’t care. We’ll pray for you all, you’re the cause of the week: But please...

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All Done Autism Awareness

by Shannon Des Roches Rosa There’s a saying we overuse in my household: “All done, !” We’ve actually swiped the saying from our son Leo, who is eleven and autistic, as “all done” is what he proclaims when he is completely fed up with the activity or person at...

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Plants Outside the Shade

by Amanda Baggs   This is a personal description of some of what autism means to me. Because even among other autistic people such descriptions are too rare. Autism means that my earliest memories are of floating in among the feel of things.  Not how they looked or sounded,...

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Dear well-meaning strangers

from Lydia Brown, at Autistic Hoya Dear well-meaning strangers, During this month, you will be bombarded with public service announcements, billboards, letters, emails, graphics, and all manner of multimedia about “autism awareness.” Here’s a revolutionary idea. Every time you see or hear something that says something about April being...

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Acceptance vs. Awareness

by Kassiane S. I often say awareness is the No Child Left Behind of advocacy. It’s a start, but  no means a finishing point we should be satisfied with. It is not until people understand and acceot that we can say progress has been made. What’s the difference, you...

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Awareness Is Not Enough

by Kathryn Bjornstad-Kelly I knew autism awareness before I knew I was Autistic.  I didn’t know what autism was, but I heard the word all the time on TV.  I saw commercials listing facts about how many people were diagnosed each year.  I dumped my change into buckets for...

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Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month 2012!

Greetings and Happy April 2012! The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by posting essays in the blog section of our website throughout the month of April. It’s time to move beyond awareness! The essays — authored by Autistic self advocates, parents, and allies — touch...

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From the Pro-Neurodiversity Trenches

by Paula C. Durbin-Westby   Early intervention and treatment is important! If caught early enough, negative attitudes toward autism and other disabilities can be minimized and even reversed! Read more below to see what happens in our disability-rights oriented home. These comments were taken down by the mom of...

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