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ASAN Releases New Resource On Medicaid Coverage for Autism Services

ASAN has released a new resource for its toolkit on health coverage for autism-related services. The resource, which is aimed at Medicaid plan administrators, will help plan administrators develop and expand coverage for autism services such as communication supports, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. ASAN released a resource on...

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ASAN Unveils Resource on Medicaid Coverage for Autism-Related Services

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is proud to announce the release of a new resource for autistic people and our families on Medicaid coverage for autism-related services. These services can include developmental approaches regarding social communication, sensory integration, emotional regulation, and adaptive skills. Until now, much advocacy for coverage...

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ASAN Statement on Fein Study on Autism and “Recovery”

Recently, an article argued that some Autistic children reach what they call the “optimal outcome” of moving out of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study greatly concerns ASAN, both in terms of its inherent scientific limitations and the dangerous values framework behind it. Adults who clearly met criteria for...

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ASAN Comments on CA Autism Insurance Regulation

As part of a letter addressing the California Department of Managed Health Care, Autistic Self Advocacy Network president Ari Ne’eman offered the following comments on behalf of ASAN regarding California’s proposed changes to regulations that address insurance coverage of autism-related services: I write on behalf of the Autistic Self...

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ASAN Policy Brief: How Will DSM-5 Impact Services?

Over the course of the last several months, a lot of questions have been raised about how upcoming changes to the DSM-5 definition of the autism spectrum will impact people’s lives. Many people are concerned that changes in the diagnostic criteria may make it more difficult for them to...

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The Perils of Normalization

An essay by Gwen McKay. Autistic individuals may, for example, rock back and forth when they are anxious or flap their hands when they are happy and excited. Behavioral programs often focus on suppressing these autistic traits because they are socially stigmatized, without considering whether they serve any useful...

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The Burden of Proof

An essay by Estée Klar. I am upset that ANY therapist has such control over us as parents -- that they make us feel unsure about our parenting. It is particularly so right now in our autism community. Those seeds of doubt must exist in every parent. Be it...

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