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❄️ ASAN Winter Update ❄️

Dear friends, Staying focused on advocacy is snow problem this New Year! ASAN is back in the (virtual) office, working on some of the most important issues facing our community this winter and beyond. Last month, we published a statement condemning discriminatory new travel regulations by the FAA. We received a lot of...

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🍂 ASAN November Update 🍂

Dear friends, As November draws to a close, we’re reflecting on everything we’ve worked on this year, as well as the advocacy battles ahead. 2020 has been a hard year, but this month brought much-needed progress on some issues important to our community, and gave us a chance to...

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🎃 ASAN October Update 🎃

  Dear friends, October is coming to an end, and we wish we could say that Halloween was the scariest thing happening this week. But with COVID cases surging and threats to the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, the disability community is facing dangers that are all too...

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🍂 ASAN September Update 🍂

Dear friends, This has been a hard month. The failure to indict the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor painfully illustrates the systemic racism in the U.S. court system and our society’s inadequate response to police violence. Police violence affects people with disabilities, especially Black people with disabilities, every day, and the...

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