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Whether you are a self-advocate with a long history of involvement in the Autistic community, or a family member or friend who simply wants to learn more about autism and discover how you can be a helpful ally, there are several ways that you can get involved with ASAN’s advocacy activities.


All ASAN chapters engage in advocacy work around the collective concept of self-advocacy, while also addressing individual forms of self-advocacy and building a community of Autistic adults in the local community.

Different chapters are formed under different conditions. Some may be formed by Autistics who are already part of an existing self-advocate run social group but wish to engage in advocacy activities as well. Others may be formed by Autistics who lack any social group in their local area, or who lack any self-advocate run groups.

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Regardless of whether you live in an area with an ASAN local chapter, you can support us by becoming an ASAN member through online registration. As a member, you will receive our newsletter, advocacy alerts, and additional members-only materials. Our membership is open both to Autistics and to non-autistic allies.

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We have always welcomed and given a meaningful role to volunteers in our work to empower the Autistic community. Our volunteer opportunities can include helping with local chapter projects, internships at our DC office, taking part in online planning committees, or other online activities such as writing and research. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to your local chapter or email Jean Winegardner at to get involved.

Share Your Story

You can also contribute your experiences. Our policy center needs your stories to more effectively advocate for the rights and needs of autistic people. You can share your experiences with our policy center at this form.

You can also share with us links to articles and blog posts you find important and relevant to our work. To share links, fill out this form here.


Please consider making a contribution to support ASAN’s work! Your donation helps us to advance the disability rights movement and to better serve the Autistic community. Gifts to ASAN are tax-deductible in the United States and can be made securely online.

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