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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is developing a catalog of publications to benefit our community via The Autistic Press, a micropress serving the cross-disability community. We released the Navigating College handbook in 2011, the Loud Hands anthology in 2012, and both the Empowering Leadership guide for disabled students and an Autism Acceptance e-book in 2013. Additional self-advocacy resources soon to be released include an Employment anthology and a collection of essays on Relationships and Sexuality. More details about each of these publications can be found by following the links below.

COVID-19 Resources

ASAN has prepared resources related to COVID-19 in different formats. You can access them below:

Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy (PADSA)

The Pacific Alliance on Disability Self-Advocacy (PADSA) was a project run by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. We assisted self-advocacy groups in California, Oregon, Washington and Montana with technical assistance and training. Technical assistance often means working one on one with a group to make their organization stronger.

We helped self advocacy groups study their strengths and growth areas, develop goals, and then pursue those goals. Most of our work focused on increasing organizational capacity [a group’s ability to do something]. Topic areas focused on fundraising, building strong leadership, utilizing technology more, and improving communication skills.

PADSA webinars and resource guides are available here.

Anti-Filicide Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to provide advocates and allies with concrete tools and resources to use in their own communities, including in response to local incidents. The toolkit includes information about how to understand and respond to filicide, frequently asked questions about filicide, and a guidebook for Day of Mourning vigil site coordinators.

Real Talk: Improving Quality of Sexual Health Care for Patients with Disabilities
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