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Affiliate Groups

ASAN affiliate groups are state and local disability advocacy groups that share a basic set of core values and policy positions with ASAN. Affiliate groups receive technical assistance, peer support, and advocacy alerts from ASAN, while retaining flexibility to focus on whatever issues are most relevant to them. Affiliate groups are listed here to encourage collaboration with each other, as well as to help interested individuals connect with groups that are local to them.

In order to become an ASAN affiliate group, your group must be:

  • Run by people who identify as self-advocates with developmental disabilities (for example, autistic people or people with intellectual disabilities).
  • Inclusive of the entire autistic and disabled community. To give a few examples, your group should be welcoming and accessible to people with intellectual disabilities, nonspeaking people, people with mobility impairments, etc.
  • Currently active (have a meeting or event about once a month).
  • Willing to update ASAN periodically on your activities.

To apply to become an ASAN affiliate group, please email Haley Outlaw at to receive an application.


List of affiliate groups by state:


Sacramento, CA
California Autistic Self Advocates (CASA)
Ashley Robertson –


Atlanta, GA
Autistic Self Advocacy Atlanta
Eren Niederhoffer –


Chicago, IL
Autistics Against Curing Autism – Chicagoland
Timotheus Gordon, Jr. and Amanda Burkhart –


Lexington, KY
Autistics United of Kentucky
Bev Harp –

Louisville, KY
Kentuckiana Autism Spectrum Alliance (KASA)
Micah Peace –


Portland, ME
Maine Autism Collective
Meg Dyke –


Boston, MA
Spectrum Boston
Finn Gardiner –

New York

New York, NY
Autistic Self-Advocates of New York City
Aaron Zisook –


Pittsburgh, PA
Pennsylvania Center for Autistic Advocacy
Cori Frazer –

York, PA
Advocates for Neurodiversity
Luke Anderson –


Nashville, TN
Nashville Autism Peer Support (NAPS)
Chad Beadles –

International affiliate groups:


Aberfoyle Park, SA
ASAN Australia and New Zealand
Kathy Isaacs –


Vancouver, BC
Autistics United Vancouver
Vivian Ly –

Winnipeg, MB
Autistics United Manitoba
Baden Gaeke Franz –¬†

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