Freddie Mac Seeks Autistic Interns

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Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage finance company, is partnering with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to fill four paid internship opportunities. The ASAN-Freddie Mac Internship Program is an opportunity for recent graduates and current students on the autism spectrum to gain work experience and enter the workforce of a leading American company committed to neurological diversity. These internships are full time positions that will last 16 weeks. Successful candidates will need to relocate to the DC metro area and work from Freddie Mac’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia for the duration of the internship opportunity. Internships are paid.

Applications will be screened by ASAN and Freddie Mac staff and not all who apply will receive an interview. If you are interested, we strongly encourage you to send your resume to Many of our past interns have had their employment extended on a long term basis. We hope you’ll consider this opportunity and look forward to reviewing your application!


Architecture & Data Services Intern

Freddie Mac is a dynamic environment where Intern Analysts can grow as professionals by taking on a variety of experiences and responsibilities. Interns will start by learning the basics of how to work within the organization. By working with the Intern program, analysts have access to on the job training and courses available to Freddie Mac.; these will allow analysts to build and strengthen skills, as well as develop a broader set of competencies.

Job Description

Assist team in improving documentation of the department processes. Support organization in creating department reports and metrics against data.

Job Function

  1. Create new or update existing process documentation, to reflect organization and process changes.
  2. Where feasible, recommend automated solutions that make department processes more efficient.
  3. Submit documentation to team members for review and feedback.
  4. Participate in discussions with team members about found issues with processes, and offer potential solutions.
  5. Maintain tracking log of issues to ensure that all items get addressed for completion.
  6. Collect feedback regarding new processes, once implemented, to adjust where needed.

Desired Technical/Other Skills: SQL, MySQL, SharePoint, JAVA, Ruby, Gralis, Instructional writing, process documentation (ARIS), analysis summarization
Skills the Intern will acquire: Process Management, Analysis, tools such as SharePoint, Dreamweaver


SF CFO Strategy, Planning and Development Analyst Intern

Job Functions

  1. Create and populate a spreadsheet database storing a history of financial data elements needed for a financial estimation and scenario analysis tool under development
  2. Gather the required history of financial data elements from existing Single Family Finance source documents or by querying the data from corporate financial data sources
  3. Together with analyst’s manager, design and apply methods as needed to transform required data into usable formats and resolve data discrepancies
  4. Time and skillset permitting, may apply Visual Basic programming to automate logic in financial estimation and scenario analysis tool under development

Basic Requirements (required skills ex. MS Access, Java, SQL)

  • Moderate proficiency in MS Excel
  • Moderate proficiency in MS Office-type word processing and presentation tools
  • Familiarity with MicroStrategy or similar database querying and reporting tool
  • Attention to detail, good analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to describe and communicate technical challenges clearly and concisely, ability to work independently but also escalate issues promptly, willingness to work on tasks that are structured and repetitive in nature (i.e., gathering many financial data elements for several prior time periods, and organizing these clearly and systematically)
  • Familiarity with financial vocabulary such as income, expense, defaults, etc.

Preferred Skills (skills that would be beneficial but not required to do the job)

  • Advanced proficiency in MS Excel
  • Moderate proficiency with database querying languages or tools such as SQL / RapidSQL, MicroStrategy, or SAS
  • Moderate proficiency with Visual Basic for Applications within Excel
  • Familiarity with mortgage related financial concepts such as loan inventory and balances, credit losses, default probabilities, and loss severities

Skills the Intern will acquire:

    Successful candidate will acquire or build upon and demonstrate proficiency in several highly-transferable skill areas, including

  • Querying databases and gathering data from historical source documents
  • Identifying and resolving data discrepancies or transforming data into required formats
  • Building historical databases
  • Communicating technical and financial concepts.

Furthermore, candidate will gain:

  • Opportunity to work directly with personnel experienced with Freddie Mac’s business and the mortgage industry
  • Familiarity with concepts related to single-family mortgage finance and profitability, evolution of mortgage portfolios over time, and mortgage loan loss reserves and credit losses.


Securities Internship

Job Description

This internship involves strong analytical work related to Freddie Mac’s mortgage-backed securities. The internship starts with an intensive learning environment in which the intern learns about Freddie Mac’s securities and the work that Securitization does to monitor security performance. The intern will be expected to actively participate in our group’s training and learn a variety of analytical reports which will be used by management up to the executive level. The intern will help to setup Giant transactions with Wall Street Dealers.

Job Functions

  1. Analyze mortgage-backed security issuance to understand trends and security characteristics
  2. Examine mortgage-backed security prepayment speeds, determine any anomalies in speeds and research possible causes
  3. Assist with special projects including help creating MBS investor Relations Sharepoint Site and updating Internal Training Presentations about Securitization business

Basic Requirements

  • Strong Quantitative and Analytical skills

Preferred Skills

  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Strong work ethic, organizational skills, positive outlook, and a desire to learn
  • Works well in a team environment

Skills the Intern will acquire

  • knowledge of US Mortgage Market, Freddie Mac’s business, Securitization
  • SQL, Excel, Microsoft Access, Powerpoint, SAS, Bloomberg


Testing Internship

Role Responsibility

Test Analyst to support the multiple testing services projects/initiatives in the Application Management area under IT Delivery Services.

Job Functions

  1. Create test cases as per Systems Development Life-cycle (SDLC) guidelines and review them with peers
  2. Execute and capture test case results of all test cases executed
  3. Verify completeness of test case entries – like Pass or fail, actual results – and make sure they are in compliance with SDLC
  4. Create defects
  5. Check-in documents into Sharepoint
  6. Update test lead or Senior Test Engineer of daily test status via email

Tools or Technologies Needed For This Role

UNIX, SQL, Excel

Skills the Analyst Will Acquire

  1. Knowledge of SDLC
  2. Technical knowledge such as SQL, UNIX, Testing tools
  3. Knowledge of running back-end jobs
  4. Multitask; develop analytical skills, more process oriented