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ACTION ALERT: We won’t stop til we #StopKavanaugh!

Kavanaugh doesn’t believe in people’s right to control our own bodies – he never has, and he never will. We have seen that reflected in the decisions he made during his career. Kavanaugh has:

Now, a woman is prepared to testify that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. She wants an FBI investigation before Kavanaugh’s confirmation process continues. Many people with developmental disabilities are survivors of sexual assault, and it harms our community when survivors are silenced. Call your Senators and ask them to stop the confirmation process until an FBI investigation is completed.

You can use our script when calling:  

Script for calling your Senator
My name is  [your full name] . I’m a constituent of  Senator [Name] , and I live in  [your town] . I’m asking  Senator [Name]  to stop the confirmation process and demand an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault, and that’s something our community takes seriously. We can’t let this controversial and dangerous man get any closer to confirmation. Your constituents are watching, and we’re counting on you to do the right thing.

If you have use AAC or have trouble making phone calls, our factsheet gives you strategies you can use to call your Senators. If you want more information about Judge Kavanaugh, including a plain language explanaer, check out this resource page.

After you’ve called, there is more you can do to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court:

  • Visit your Senators’ state offices, and let their staff know you don’t want to see a vote on Kavanaugh.
  • Email or fax your Senators. You can use the same script you did while calling.

We want a Supreme Court justice who will respect our rights, and we want the Senate to respond to the allegations against Kavanaugh in a way that honors survivors of sexual assault. Don’t let anyone tell you these things are too much to ask. We have to keep the pressure up until the Senate does the right thing. Call your Senators, and let them know — we won’t stop til we #StopKavanaugh!


We know this is a difficult time for many people in our community. If you are dealing with issues related to sexual assault and need support or referral to services, RAINN operates a chat hotline which may be more accessible than using the phone.

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