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URGENT: Time is running out to #StopKavanaugh

We are being told that the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh has concluded—but the FBI has not even talked to all of the survivors who have come forward. Still, the Senate is moving forward, using this sham investigation as cover for a confirmation vote that could come as early as THIS WEEKEND. The Senate seems eager to appoint a man credibly accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court—and they think we’ll let them get away with it. But we believe survivors, and we demand that our Senators do too. Call your Senators today, and don’t stop calling until they have publicly committed to vote NO on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Script for calling your Senator
My name is  [your full name] . I’m a constituent of  Senator [Name] , and I live in  [your town] . I’m asking  Senator [Name]  to release a public statement saying they intend to vote NO on Kavanaugh. Your constituents include women, people with disabilities, and survivors of sexual assault who do not want to see this controversial and dangerous man on the Supreme Court. It’s the Senator’s job to represent us, and we say NO. Your constituents are watching, and we’re counting on you to do the right thing.

If you have trouble making phone calls or use AAC, our factsheet gives you strategies you can use to call your Senators. If you want more information about Judge Kavanaugh, including a plain language explainer, check out this resource page.

After you’ve called your Senators, take these further actions to #StopKavanaugh:

  • Call and visit your Senators’ state offices, and tell them to release a public statement saying they will vote no on Kavanaugh. In-person meetings keep the pressure on your Senators to do their job and represent you.
  • Email and fax your Senators. You can use the same script you did while calling.

The next Supreme Court justice should be someone we can trust to make impartial rulings, respect our rights, and take a stand against abuse and violence of all kinds. We know we can’t trust Kavanaugh, and the Senate knows it too—but they will confirm him anyway if we don’t stop them right now. We’re staying in this fight to the end, so keep the pressure on your Senators until they have no choice but to do the right thing. Call now, and keep calling!


We know this is a difficult time for many people in our community. If you are dealing with issues related to sexual assault and need support or referral to services, RAINN operates a chat hotline which may be more accessible than using the phone.



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