Your vote counts! Here’s how and why to make your voice heard

an I Voted sticker

As Imani Barbarin puts it, “Why is it important for people with disabilities to vote? Because we’re voters and policies affect us.”

Everything from education funding to curb cuts to health care is affected by public policies. Voting on November 3rd allows us to make a difference in our communities in a direct way, by voting based on the issues we care about. Remember, your elected officials work for you!

No obstacle should stand in the way of casting your vote. If voting weren’t important, people wouldn’t be trying to take it from us! Inaccessible voting procedures and polling places are a form of voter suppression. To help remove barriers to voting, check out the election accessibility toolkit from AAPD. It will take all of us to ensure we can access the vote.

Whether you’re mailing your ballot or voting in person, make sure you have a plan for voting. Find your polling place, decide whether you’ll be voting early or on election day, then get a sneak peek at what your ballot will look like with this tool. Be sure to get the facts and know your rights as a voter with a disability

Voting lets each of us have a voice in policies that affect us. Make a plan to vote, and make sure your voice is heard!