Be aware of fake check scam using ASAN’s name and logo

Rear view of woman writing a note

ASAN has been informed that there is a scam currently using ASAN’s name and logo. 

In this scam, a Facebook account using the name “Madison Daniels” has posted an advertisement claiming to be recruiting copywriters for an upcoming autism-related conference on behalf of ASAN. If contacted, this person claims to be a contractor for ASAN and will send a fake contract using ASAN’s logo as letterhead. Eventually, the person claims that there is a second writer who they are unable to pay by check, and that the victim will need to help get this second writer paid by sending money to them directly. The person claims that the victim will be overpaid by digital check to compensate for this. This is called a fake check scam.

All of this is false. The person claiming to be an ASAN contractor does not work for us. The contract they send is not real. ASAN never asks our contractors to pay other contractors — and you should never agree to do this, even if the person you are speaking to claims they will pay you. ASAN has no upcoming in-person conference and has no contractors recruiting copywriters. ASAN has reported the account to Facebook, but it is possible that accounts under different names will use the same scam.

If you are ever in doubt about a claim you read online regarding opportunities to work for ASAN, feel free to contact us at Thank you to the community members who alerted us to this scam, and please contact ASAN immediately if you see another scam like this posted anywhere online.