Accessibility Options

Screen display

To zoom in the entire screen, including text and images, use the links below or the keyboard controls built into your browser—usually Ctrl-Plus (+) and Ctrl-Minus (-) on a PC; or Cmd-Plus (+) and Cmd-Minus (-) on a Mac.

Zoom in 120% | Zoom in 150% | Reset to normal zoom

Text size

Text resizing buttons are at the top of the sidebar, or below main content in High Visibility view.


Adjust contrast with the links below. High Contrast is black text on white background. High visibility is inverted (bright) text on black background. Both contrast enhancements also increase type size.

Combine the text resizing buttons with contrast options (High Contrast = 120%; High Visibility = 150%) to increase text size up to 225% (Largest text resize button from sidebar + High Visibility = total increase of 225%).

(Effects of print media switching are only visible in Print Preview.)

Other accessibility features

Skiplinks: Hidden skiplinks on every page allow users of screen readers and keyboard-only navigators to skip directly to content.

Device independent: All content on this site is keyboard navigable.

Audio transcripts: All video and audio content is captioned.

Javascript: Some accessibility features are built with Javascript. If you have Javascript disabled, we suggest enabling it for better accessibility. How to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is committed to web accessibility. If you have suggestions or feedback on this site’s accessibility features, contact