Take Action

Proxy Calling

Many disabled people in the U.S. can’t make phone calls because of disability. Our Congress members unfairly prioritize phone calls over emails or letters—but all of us deserve to be heard. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s proxy caller system lets U.S. constituents who can’t call their political representatives due to disability request that a volunteer call on their behalf, on issues and positions designated in ASAN’s regular action alerts.

Share Your Policy Stories

We need your experiences to inform our advocacy. Please share your experiences with us to help our work.

Find a Town Hall

Sometimes, politicians or other government workers will hold town hall meetings. Town halls are public meetings that are open to everyone. People are invited to ask questions, and say what they think about specific problems or policies. Going to a town hall is a great way to let the government know in-person about the problems that matter to you. If you have questions that you want to ask your elected officials or people who work in government, a town hall is a good chance to get answers.

Action Alerts

Sometimes issues affecting the Autistic community need an organized public response, such as writing emails to companies or submitting comments to government agencies. When this happens, ASAN will post the information to alert the public to the need for prompt action. Our action alerts have focused on such topics as opposing harmful stereotypes about autism, protecting children from dangerous restraints and other abuse, and making sure that the voices of self-advocates are heard in the public conversation about autism.