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Empowering Leadership: A Systems Change Guide for Autistic College Students and Those with Other Disabilities

Cover of Empowering Leadership
ISBN: 978-1938800047
Size: 8.50 x 11.00 in
Pages: 134

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is honored to join The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation in presenting Empowering Leadership: A Systems Change Guide for Autistic College Students and Those With Other Disabilities, a resource for equipping the next generation of leaders in the disability rights movement.

Empowering Leadership is a clear, detailed guide to help college students with disabilities build a strong community of disability activists at their school, practice effective self-advocacy, and ensure that the legacy of disability advocacy continues long after they have graduated. In this handbook, you will find in-depth information on establishing a disability advocacy group at your school, navigating disability and mental health services, and ensuring that disabled students have a voice on campus. Among the wealth of content in this handbook is information on how to determine the difference between reasonable and unreasonable accommodations and how to request reasonable accommodation, tips on organizing meetings and events, and a variety of other tools and strategies for equipping student activists to effectively advocate for change on campus, share disability culture, and make the most of your college experience

On behalf of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, we wish you the best of luck as you continue to grow as activists, students, and self-advocates. Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Publisher: The Autistic Press
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