Tell Congress to ban dangerous restraint and seclusion!

Restraint and seclusion can be life-threatening and are often incredibly traumatic. They are disproportionately used on students with disabilities and students of color. The Keeping All Students Safe Act (KASSA) would ban almost all kinds of restraint and all kinds of seclusion across all 50 states, and would require school districts to collect data to prevent further use of these dangerous practices.

Disabled students deserve better than restraint and seclusion, and passing KASSA is an important step forward that our community wants and needs. Here’s how YOU can take action to make that happen:

Email your Representative and Senators with this form


If you also want to call your members of Congress, you can use our Elected Officials Lookup and script:

Elected Officials Lookup

Script for calling your members of Congress

My name is [your full name], and I am from [city]. I’m [calling/writing] to ask the [Senator/Representative] to support the Keeping All Students Safe Act. This bill would ban restraint and seclusion, two life-threatening practices that disproportionately impact students with disabilities and students of color. Ending the use of restraint and seclusion would save lives, prevent abuse, and make our schools safer and more equitable. Can I count on you to work to pass the Keeping All Students Safe Act?

You can learn more about ending restraint and seclusion here.

Have call anxiety, or wondering what to expect from a call to your elected officials? Check out this guide to making a call to your members of Congress.