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ASAN works on policies and laws that affect autistic people and people with other disabilities. There are laws that protect our rights as people with disabilities. We work to make sure these laws are enforced fairly and people have their rights respected. But the legal system is often not fair to disabled people, especially disabled people of color. As we fight for our rights, we must also fight to change the way the legal system treats people.


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♿ ASAN July Update ♿

ASAN July Newsletter This has been a busy month for ASAN, full of advocacy and new resources to share. We celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark civil rights bill for the disability community. We were also reminded of how far we still have to go to achieve true equality,…

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🌈 ASAN June Update 🌈

ASAN June Newsletter With LGBTQ Pride Month and Autistic Pride Day, we’ve had a lot to feel proud of this month even in the face of ongoing adversity! Read on for some updates of what we’ve released and accomplished this month. This month saw the resolution of the debt ceiling debate. The outcomes of the…

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☀️ ASAN May Update ☀️

ASAN May Newsletter Dear friend, It’s not easy to keep fighting for change in the midst of so many attacks against us, but when we come together as one we can take on whatever the world throws at us. ASAN will be there right alongside you – here are some of the actions we’ve taken…

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