HCBS Settings Rule Resources

The HCBS Settings Rule makes sure we have basic rights when we receive services. But before March 17th, 2023, a lot of people weren’t getting these basic rights. Now we have more power to challenge institutions and fight for our right to community living through learning about the Settings Rule! It’s important to know your rights so you can make full use of them!

That’s why we have released new plain language and Easy Read resources all about these changes.

In these resources, we will answer questions like

  • What is the HCBS Settings Rule?
  • How can I find out what rights I have under the HCBS Rule?
  • What do I do if my rights are violated?
  • What are corrective action plans?
  • When am I getting my rights?

And more!

Our Settings Rule resources come in two versions:

  • an Easy Read edition that uses pictures and large text
  • a Plain Language version without accompanying graphics

These resources go hand-in-hand with all of our HCBS Settings Rule resources, which we have also updated to reflect the new implementation of the rule. Check out This Rule Rules!: The HCBS Settings Rule and You to learn more:

This Rule Rules!: The HCBS Settings Rule and You

The Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule, or HCBS Settings Rule, allows people with disabilities to access resources we need to live in the community. Learning about the rule is an important part of understanding our rights. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new plain language toolkit, all about the HCBS Settings Rule!

This toolkit focuses on how the Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule helps us live in the community. Community living means being able to live near people with and without disabilities, in a place where we can make our own decisions.

This toolkit answers many important questions about the HCBS Settings Rule and community living, such as:

  • What is community living?
  • What is an institution?
  • What are home and community-based services (HCBS)?
  • What does the HCBS Settings Rule say?
  • What rights does the HCBS Settings Rule give me?
  • What rules do HCBS providers have to follow?

The HCBS Settings Rule toolkit is available in two versions:

  • Our Easy Read Edition. The Easy Read version is split into six parts. Each part has its own glossary, and there is also a separate glossary with all of the terms from every section. The Easy Read version uses pictures along with larger text, and has more white space.
  • A Plain Language Version without accompanying graphics.

This toolkit was made possible by the generous support of the Community Living Policy Center at Brandeis University; and the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services.

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