Autism & Safety Toolkit

Autistic people have the right to be safe and live independently in our communities. We also face significant threats to our safety, including higher rates of abuse, institutionalization, suicide, and police violence. Too often, autistic voices have been erased from conversations about autism and safety. That’s why ASAN is proud to announce the release of our Autism & Safety Toolkit – the first toolkit made by autistic self-advocates, focusing on safety issues that affect us and the tools to deal with them.

This toolkit provides information about:

  • Abuse and neglect
  • Bullying
  • Interactions with police
  • Mental health
  • Safely navigating the community

Many people think that people with developmental disabilities must give up our autonomy, or be separated from the broader community, in order to be safe. But in reality, we are safest when we are included in our communities and empowered to take control of our own lives. The toolkit describes safety risks we face, discusses different ways to address them, and debunks myths about safety that are sometimes used to curtail our independence and access to the community.

The Autism & Safety Toolkit comes in three sections. Click on the title of any section to download it as a screenreader-accessible PDF.

This toolkit was made possible thanks to generous support from the WITH foundation.

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