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Transcript and Video of Julia Bascom’s Keynote at Drexel University

Nothing About Us Without Us: Autistic People Shaping Policy About Our Lives Hi, thank you so much for having me, and thank you Michael for that incredibly powerful introduction. Like Michael said, my name is Julia Bascom, and I’m the Executive Director for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. We’re...

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DJ Savarese’s Speech for ASAN Gala 2018

Thank you for this award. I’m grateful to be among us tonight.  I’m grateful we are gathered here tonight to celebrate our people. It’s not often that so many of us are able to gather together in the same room to celebrate our neurodiversity, but when we do there’s...

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What Does a Black Autistic Man Look Like?

One of the most accurate metaphors I’ve used to describe my life is this: I’ve occupied several closets simultaneously. To become my most authentic self, I had to emerge from each one and reckon with the conditions that convinced me that I needed to stay inside. In some cases,...

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No Quiet Waters

Growing up with parents who were immigrants from Africa to the United States, I heard a lot of proverbs. I liked many of them, but there were some that I, an autistic child with a very literal mind, simply could not understand. One of those was a proverb that...

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Autistic Pride Day 2015: A Message to the Autistic Community

Today is Autistic Pride Day. For ten years, our community has come together on June 18th to celebrate who we are and affirm our right to build a culture and community of our own. When Autistic Pride Day first began, it was the first in what would become a...

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