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Q: Why should I check my voter registration?

A: Sometimes names get removed from voter rolls by mistake, or you might be registered to vote at an old address. Check your voter registration right here! If you’re not currently registered to vote, just click the “Register To Vote” tab at the top of this page.

Q: I’m registered to vote, but at an old address. What should I do?

A: You should re-register to vote at your new address, and find out where your new polling place is. You can register to vote by clicking here.

Q: I’m registered to vote, but I’ll be at college/away from home on Election Day! Can I still vote?

A: Yes! You can request an absentee ballot, also known as a mail-in ballot. You can click here to learn more about absentee voting and request an absentee ballot.

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Check out our toolkit, How to Vote by Mail!

Q: What does it mean to vote absentee? A: If you vote absentee, you get a ballot sent to you in the mail. A ballot is the official form you use to vote. Once you get the ballot in the mail, you fill it out and send it back. Q: Do I need to register to vote first? A: Yes. Before you can ask for an absentee ballot, you have to be registered to vote. Click here to switch to the Register to Vote tab. Q: Who uses absentee voting? A: There are lots of reasons to vote absentee. Some people vote absentee when they’re registered to vote back home, but are away at college. Some people vote absentee because they cannot physically get to their polling place, but still want to vote. Being able to vote by mail makes it a lot easier for more people to participate. Q: Can anyone vote absentee? A: Some states will let you vote absentee for any reason. Other states only let certain people vote absentee. You can find out about your state’s rules by visiting Q: Are there deadlines for getting my ballot and sending it back? A: Yes. Every state has different deadlines for when you can request an absentee ballot. You can send in your ballot before Election Day to make sure it gets there on time. You can find out more about deadlines in your state by visiting

Learn More About Voting

We've released a Plain Language toolkit called How to Vote by MailIt has an overview of voting by mail, along with a state-by-state guide with instructions for every state. You can download it here.

ASAN has an Easy Read toolkit called Your Vote Counts: A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Voting in the U.S. It focuses on the process of voting, and understanding how to prepare to vote on election day. You can download it here.

ASAN's Easy Read toolkit They Work For Us: A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Getting Through to your Elected Officials is available here.

The toolkit has a chapter called "All About Voting." You can download just the "All About Voting" chapter by clicking here. (PDF)

ASAN also worked with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law to create a plain-language guide to voting rights for people with mental disabilities, including people under guardianship. You can read the guide here.

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