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Asperger’s Means That

by Dylan Matthews I write about politics and public policy for a living. To do that well, you have to have a fair amount of background knowledge, of everything from how Congressional committees work, to various court precedents, to what it means when a rating agency downgrades Greek debt....

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I’m in Ur Toastmasters Meeting, Giving U Speeches

by Andee Joyce Here’s how I celebrated Autism Acceptance Month:  I gave my debut speech in Toastmasters about me and my neuro-orientation, to a roomful of nonautistic folks.  And they dug it.  Or at least, quite a few people said they did, and nobody acted (in body language I...

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Disability Community Across the Country Mourns Disabled People Murdered by Family Members and Caregivers

On March 30th, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, working with the broader disability community, convened a nationwide Day of Mourning in memory disabled people murdered by family members and caregivers. Eighteen cities participated by holding candlelit vigils in locations across the country. Over the course of the past week, the...

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Dear well-meaning strangers

from Lydia Brown, at Autistic Hoya Dear well-meaning strangers, During this month, you will be bombarded with public service announcements, billboards, letters, emails, graphics, and all manner of multimedia about “autism awareness.” Here’s a revolutionary idea. Every time you see or hear something that says something about April being...

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Vigil Report: Virtual Vigil and Boston

From Disability Right Now by Erin Lewy I was fortunate enough to attend vigils for George Hodgins both virtually and in Boston.  Each left a lasting impression on me.  At the virtual vigil, we were lucky enough to have a video connection to DC.  While we weren’t able to...

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Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month 2012!

Greetings and Happy April 2012! The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by posting essays in the blog section of our website throughout the month of April. It’s time to move beyond awareness! The essays — authored by Autistic self advocates, parents, and allies — touch...

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Join Us For Your Local Vigil – March 30th

Most of you received Zoe’s moving e-mail message last week, announcing March 30th as a national day of mourning for George Hodgins, Tracy Latimer and other disabled people murdered by family members and caregivers. She asked folks to organize local candlelit vigils in their own communities in their memory....

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Loud Hands Project Update

We did it! After 80 days, several interviews, too many tumblr posts, an ambitious blog carnival, hundreds of shared facebook updates and tweets, thousands of emails to families, friends, coworkers, and arch-nemeses, and a constant, concerted effort by the Autistic community...

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